Anglo European School

A case study from a school that has adopted the NBfE
Name of School/College: Anglo European School
Type of Institution: Secondary
Age range
Students on roll
Students in
pilot cohort
Date for first
NBfE certs
Case Study
Core Learning

Typical curriculum:
1. IB Diploma Programme, 2. IB Career Programme 3. 4 x A level inc. (or in addition to ) a language 4. Hybrid 3 A-levels + 2 IB Standard 5. Main School all students study humanities, the Arts, 2 languages, technology as well as Maths, English, Citizenship, PE

Compulsory qualifications required for completion of the NBfE is applicable:
Completion to exam standard

Additional/Optional qualifications typically offered as part of the extended NBfE framework:
Diplome du Citoyen (school – based)

Personal Project

Qualification, Awarding Body and Levels offered:
Level 3 Extended Essay (IB), EPQ

Method of delivery:
Individual mentoring

Personal Development Programme

Typical Volume in hours over the course of the programme:
IB = 150 hours (CAS), A level = 75 hours, Main School = 50 hours

Compulsory components:
- Work experience - Active Citizenship - Model United Nations

Optional components:
- Exchange visits (700 participants annually) - Anglo Council (Student Voice)

Components delivered through other recognised programmes and qualifications:
- National Citizen Service - Duke of Edinburgh Award

The mechanism for logging and tracking activities:
- Online tracking - Self-assessed

orange-quotesA baccalaureate education, be it the IB Diploma or Career programme or, indeed, the wider Anglo Bacc made up of A levels, is an holistic approach to education. It is not merely a collection of subjects. It is an educational programme which adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It is an education fit for the 21st century, it is not subject to political interferences and it sets our students apart in a complex, competitive and challenging world.

David Barrs, Headteacher