Passmores Academy

A case study from a school that has adopted the NBfE
Name of School/College: Passmores Academy
Type of Institution: Secondary
Age range
Students on roll
May 2017
Students in
pilot cohort
Date for first
NBfE certs
Case Study
Core Learning

Typical curriculum:
8-10 qualifications; combination of GCSE and BTEC.

Compulsory qualifications required for completion of the NBfE is applicable:
- Best 8 GCSE including English and Mathematics - Higher Project Qualification

Additional/Optional qualifications typically offered as part of the extended NBfE framework:

Personal Project

Qualification, Awarding Body and Levels offered:
Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project

Method of delivery:
Taught two hours per week – I twilight session and 1 lesson replacing other non-examined curriculum offer. Two designated tutors and individual mentors selected by the students. Students currently select this as an additional option completed in year 11, current cohort of 21. Future plans are to try and embed within the curriculum for all learners. We have introduced a project based curriculum in year 7 and the vision is to build on this style of delivery and learning within each group over the coming years.

Personal Development Programme

Typical Volume in hours over the course of the programme:
150 over years 9, 10 and 11

Compulsory components:
70+ hours divided under the headings Community and Work Based Learning, Physical Activity and Cultural and Creative Learning. A minimum of 20 hours in any one area but otherwise flexible. First Class, Business Class and World Class levels applied which link with student passports, so therefore students are encouraged to complete more hours. Plus 80+ hours delivered through i-Future programme and Aspire Days.

Optional components:
See above. A minimum of 20 hours in a particular area to allow for the accumulation of more hours in a favoured or chosen area. Hours can be completed in school and outside of school subject to verification.

Components delivered through other recognised programmes and qualifications:
DofE, Sports Leader UK, Youth Health Champions currently offered.

The mechanism for logging and tracking activities:
Via i-Future assessment which is currently being reviewed and through student Passports, where hours are logged and signed by facilitating member of staff / adult.

orange-quotesThe personal development opportunities offered at Passmores have provided us with much more than the narrow skill set and content knowledge required to succeed in course exams: we have developed the ability to think deeply and independently, to critically and creatively interact with the world, and to flourish as a compassionate and active member of a community, with a desire to positively change the world around us.

Members of the Passmores Student Pedagogy Team