The Elizabeth Woodville School

A case study from a school that has adopted the NBfE

Name of School/College: The Elizabeth Woodville School
Type of Institution: Secondary
Age range
Students on roll
May 2018
Students in
pilot cohort
Date for first
NBfE certs
Case Study
Core Learning

Typical curriculum:
3 A levels, BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma, or combination of A levels and BTEC Level 3 programmes

Compulsory qualifications required for completion of the NBfE is applicable:
- 8 GCSEs grades A*-C including English and Mathematics - Minimum 3 A Levels/Level 3 BTEC - Extended Project Qualification or Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives and Research

Additional/Optional qualifications typically offered as part of the extended NBfE framework:
AS levels, Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership, Core Maths

Personal Project

Qualification, Awarding Body and Levels offered:
- AQA EPQ Level 3 - Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives and Research

Method of delivery:
One lesson (100 minutes) per fortnight for one term plus one to one time with a coach

Personal Development Programme

Typical Volume in hours over the course of the programme:
Passport to Employment programme with 100-150 hours over years 12 and 13

Compulsory components:
At least 100-150 hours eligible enrichment, in at least 6 of the specified areas: cultural; physical; communication; service; skill; internship; coaching; global; leadership.

Optional components:
Passport to Employment award available to all members of the sixth form. Depth and breadth of experiences lead to awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. Minimum of 10 hours in each of 6 chosen areas. Hours can be completed in school and outside of school subject to verification.

Components delivered through other recognised programmes and qualifications:
DofE, NCS, World Challenge, ABRSM, NPLQ are examples of externally accredited components recognised with the Passport.

The mechanism for logging and tracking activities:
Personal log book, supported by one-to-one coaching by base group tutor

orange-quotesWe believe that learning is about both your qualities and your qualifications. Employees tell us they are looking for “rounded and grounded” young people, who have a range of experiences and skills in addition to an outstanding attitude and aptitude. The National Baccalaureate for England is the ideal vehicle for students to present a full picture of themselves, and demonstrate that learning is for life.

Jez Bennett, Prinicpal