Uplands Community College

A case study from a school that has adopted the NBfE
Name of School/College: Uplands Community College
Type of Institution: Secondary
Age range
Students on roll
May 2016
Students in
pilot cohort
Date for first
NBfE certs
Case Study
Core Learning

Typical curriculum:
- A combination of A Level, Applied A Level and BTEC Level 3 programmes. - GCSEs and BTEC Level 2

Compulsory qualifications required for completion of the NBfE is applicable:
- Best 8 GCSE including English and Mathematics - Minimum 3 A Levels/ Level 3 BTEC - Extended Project Qualification and/or Higher Project Qualification

Additional/Optional qualifications typically offered as part of the extended NBfE framework:
Additional A Levels, AS Core Maths

Personal Project

Qualification, Awarding Body and Levels offered:
- AQA EPQ Level 3 - EDEXCEL Higher Project Level 2

Method of delivery:
- As part of the Uplands Ambassador Programme in KS5. - A mentor programme in KS4

Personal Development Programme

Typical Volume in hours over the course of the programme:
120-150 over years 12 and 13, 80 hours over KS4

Compulsory components:
120-150 hours divided under the headings Cultural activity, physical, communication, service to others, developing and work experience. Following the Shenley Brook End School model.

Optional components:
Hours can be completed in school and/or outside of school subject to verification; the emphasis upon volunteering within the community allows for students to find their own placements and spend more than two hours a week engaged in volunteering activities.

Components delivered through other recognised programmes and qualifications:
DofE at present but want to extend to the NCS

The mechanism for logging and tracking activities:
An A PDP style record book, verified by tutors.

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